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How to Nurture Your Child Potential and Talent (Synopsis)

A gentle reminder to everyone on the free talks held this week 6th Dec 2015. Here are the synopsis in the form of query. some of this query you may have ask yourselves:-

a. What is talent and what is potential? 

b. history of early learning?

c. Why is there the need to have active learning for child between the age of 0-6years old

d. what happened after the child after 6 years old?

e. Common understanding of left brain and right brain function

f. what is whole brain learning? can our child benefit from this?

h. condition for right brain activation.

i. Activities which we have and do in our center for whole brain?

j. food for brains.

k. Food to avoid

l. Is home practise important?

m. activities your child should avoid at home.

find out the answer in our talk this weekend.

善意提醒大家,这是我们12月6日2015年的讲座的概要。您可能会问自己这方面的问题: –

a.  什么是才能?什么是潜能?
b.  早期教育的历史?
c.  为什么0-6岁的小孩需要主动学习?
d.  孩子6岁之后有什么变化?
e.  左脑和右脑功能的共同理解。
f.  什么是全脑学习?
g.  我们的孩子如何可以从中受益?
h.  启发右脑的条件。
i.  我们中心的全脑活动
j.  健脑食物。
k. 需避免的食物。
l.  在家时间全脑练习重要吗?
m. 小孩在家应避免的活动。



Live interview on BERNAMA TV (Astro Channel 502)/Bernama 电视独家专访直播(频道502)


There will be an exclusive interview with us on “How to Bring our your child potential and talent” live on BERNAMA TV (Astro Channel 502) on the 7th December 2015 12:00pm. For those of you who did not get to attend our talks please be sure to tune in to this channel。