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“My intention of sending my son to this centre was just to find out what is the capability/potential of him. I trusted the concept of ISHESH Learning centre; also I found that teacher Jia Ming is a very knowledgeable and academically trained. 

By 3rd weeks after attending classes, I could see big improvements in my son’s behaviour which was a surprised for me i.e. focusing on task at hand, expressing his feelings, sensual accuracy, flash cards activity that help with building his vocabulary etc. His hidden potential unleashed ever since attended classes. We both have better improvement in bonding, communication and understanding each other well. 

As a mom who see my son’s and myself improvement from learning together using this platform, I would definitely encourage every parent with children below the age of 6 to join Ishesh to find their hidden potential.”

~Sia, Mother of Ming Zhun (4 years old)

+ Isheshlearning whole brain child program is a program to bring out your child innate talent and improving children’s memory, learning ability and personality.

+For enquiries, please contact us at 03-7865 4424 or 016335 9919

Ms. Sia with Ming zhun (right) and Daughter (left)

Ms. Sia with Ming zhun (right) and Daughter (left)


Talks- 8 ways to bring out your child potential


Every child below the age of 6 has the SUPER brain capability to receive and extract information at the very High speed, capability to learn multiple language in a very short frame of time even when they were not focusing.

This special capabilities will diminish after the age 6 if no effort is put to sustain this it. Take advantage of your child learning using proven methods before the age of 6. Please do not wait till they are older. Help to spread to everyone who has a child at this age.

come to our talks at our centre by signing up below

Session 1 : mandarin talks : 14/5 saturday 2:00pm
Session 2: english talks: 22/5 Sunday 2:00pm

Session 3 : mandarin talks : 28/5 saturday 2:00pm

seats are limited to 20 person only.
entrance fee RM20.00

must sign-up & pay to confirm seat