About Us

About the Center

As Early Childhood Brain Development Specialists, we develop our own class materials and learning methods tailor-made to suit every child. Back by years of experience, our innovative techniques, classes, and materials have given us a strong presence in the area of Whole Brain & Body Development. Our products are selected specially to enable the child to use both the left and right brains simultaneously with his or her entire body coordination.

We want to share the values of parents can educate their young ones at home through playing and having fun together as a family. Unlike others, we get our products directly from our dedicated and reliable suppliers and not through any 3rd party websites. You rest assured the products are good quality and highest safety standards, safe for our little ones and yours too.

Talk to us if you want to transform your children’s learning experience and nurture your children to achieve their maximum potential.

About the ILC Principal

Ms. Dayani Chin is a trained Medical Doctor from the University Malaya and obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Health Psychology from the University Kebangsaan Malaysia. She had also volunteered to help others by participating in the BGF telephone counseling unit.

She decided to quit medicine and be a stay at home mom so that she could nurture her child to be a better person. she began to read Professor Shichida’s books when she had her first child and still had still continue to learn from his books till today. she made many training materials from the teaching and done home practice with the child. she is the person who truly understands the right ways of training and is capable of training your child in this center.

She has been invited many brain development centers to share her ideas with other parents throughout. she is also the founder of the parents sharing groups which share ideas and tips on home practice.

About the ILC Founder

Purna Pukalenthi Subramaniam is a Professional Mechanical engineer registered in Malaysia and internationally and has been practicing consultancy for almost 20years. He started venturing into education and e-commerce business after he discovered that his wife having so much knowledge of whole brain learning. The result shown in his children from the whole brain learning done at home was so awesome that he decided to open a learning center to start help other children. He believes that the effect of whole brain learning will create a “kind in Nature” children and thus this teaching will create world peace.


Yes, we create our very own Teaching Material

All training material in the center is special and you would not see it anywhere else. We design and made our very own learning material and we still making it now. The material making is a long process and very tedious. It takes a lot of patience and we continue to improve our materials from time to time.

The design material is specially catered to children from every different age group and different capabilities. Not all children in the same age group have different abilities and each will be treated with method of learning even though the learning is done in the group of 6 per class