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Ishesh learning is now Adcadiac Ideas

Adcadiac ideas has taken over Ishesh Learning Centre effective 1 October 2018. The management and operation of Ishesh Learning will still be running as usual under the “ishesh” branding.

Existing classes such as Baby Signing time shall be running as usual. Adcadiac Ideas will introduce the new α(Alpha) Mind Classes which involve playing techniques to stimulate brain activities. The classes shall be open for trial soon and trial can be bought thru Fave for 1 classes or 2 classes package.

Generally the class is for children age 1 to 6 years which involve playing and learning which stimulates left and right brain. The outcome of this activities helps children to have more focus by bringing the mind to the alpha stage. Alpha stage mind is the state of mind where the brain having the ability to process and absorb faster than normal.

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