courses available

 Course for children

  • relaxation
  • eye training
  • Senses training – hand reading, telepathy 
  • image training
  • photographic memory training
  • speed reading
  • syllabus involving language, science, and maths
  • classes will be conducted from Tuesday to Sunday (except public holiday)
  • class to be attended with either father or mother
  • 45 minutes class with 15 minutes parental advice or Q&A
  • attend 5 minutes before starting of class
  • once a week class

Course for Parents

  • The purpose of this class is to educate parents on the important of giving love to your children to boost your child right brain ability
  • exposure of home practises training to your child
  • expose on how to make training material and what is the best approach
  • sharing of experience between parents
  • conducted once every month

Course for Parents – Flash Card Training

  • the purpose of this training is to educate parents on how to prepare flash cards 
  • the correct technique of flashing cards
  • flash cards are proven to improve the child capabilities in so many ways including building vocabulary, language, general knowledge and much more
  • works on adults too
  • conducted once a month

Baby Sign Language Course 

  • Teaches baby to learn to SIGN even before they start to speak
  • class attend with either father or mother
  • 45minutes class
  • series 1 – 8 classes
  • series 2 – 8 classes
  • once a week class

For more information on the classes available check our event calendar