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Adcadiac Ideas

Adcadiac ideas ia a platform to enchance your child ability to learn thru playing. The play concept is conducted with more than 10 diffrent types of games and activities in the span of 45 minutes. Our classes must be attended by parents as parents love and praises will enchance the parents child bonding and brings out the confidence in your child.

The 2 main popular classes are as follows:

α(Alpha) mind class 

We provide training to your little ones in the form of playing and imagination play to stimulate every part of the brain.

The outcome of this activities helps children to have more focus by bringing the mind to the alpha stage. Alpha stage mind is the state of mind where the brain having the ability to process and absorb faster than normal.

our key is parent’s love during class and at home. we educate parents to accept your child progress as part of the learning progress and not to see instant result. we believe every child is learning and progressing even though they are not being attentive in class. our child is so special that they use every part of their senses to learn.

with this, your child would be able to have this ability :

  • Nurture the kind nature of person
  • High-speed Photographic memory
  • language learning ability
  • Creative thinking
  • Analytical and mathematic capability
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Extra sensory perception ability
  • perfect pitch music ability
  • Sign Language ability

Baby Signing Time

Signing with babies and toddlers:

• Children have the capacity to understand, learn, and communicate before they develop the ability to speak.

• Babies can sign at around 6‐14 months, in some cases earlier – which is generally before
they master the ability to speak clearly.

• Even when children do begin speaking, their speech is not always clear. Signing is a
second way to get that information from them. “Ba‐ba” – do they mean ball or bottle
or…? “Can you sign it to me? Ball? Bottle?”

• Signing reduces tantrums and frustration.

Signing with children with special needs:
• Signing can have miraculous results with children who have speech and communicatio
challenges. Sign can be an amazing tool for children with Down syndrome, Autism,
Apraxia of Speech, speech delays, hearing loss and deafness, etc.

• Signing can be the only way for them to communicate. Signing may also encourage
verbal communication (share Lucy’s story or other example).

• Kids who currently don’t have special needs but may in the future – limited
communication due to hospitalization, trach tubes, surgery, etc.

Other general benefits: 
• Wonderful bonding – this is face‐to‐face communication. You must look at each other to
use signs!

• Having an alternate way of expressing themselves can help a child who may not be
comfortable verbalizing something they want to say, such as when they are upset or

• Children learn in different ways. Some learn by hearing, some by seeing, some by doing
it with their own hands. Tactile and kinesthetic learners may thrive when sign language
is introduced to their learning environment.

• The physical component of signing can make learning feel like play. Children naturally
use their body language to communicate.

• Helps children link symbols (signs) with concepts (the meaning of the word) and with
the spoken word. This incorporates many levels of learning.

• Helps with temper tantrums during the “terrible two’s” – especially those tantrums that
stem from not being understood.

• Older children love to use signs as a ‘secret language’ or as a second language.

• Older children who sign are more likely to befriend a child who signs for any reason
(deaf, special needs, etc.) and have increased confidence in their ability to learn ASL as a
second language.


“Jeffery has improved tremendously interm of sign language, speech, and fine motor skills. The lesson also helps the parents to be more prepared and inspired to guide the child in learning. Overall, we enjoyed the activities conducted during these past few weeks”                                                              Sharon Yeap, mother to 18months old boy

By 3rd weeks after attending classes, I could see big improvements in my son’s behaviour which was a surprised for me i.e. focusing on task at hand, expressing his feelings, sensual accuracy, flash cards activity that help with building his vocabulary etc. His hidden potential unleashed ever since attended classes. We both have better improvement in bonding, communication and understanding each other well. ”              TK. Sia mother of 4 year old boy 

” we love the enviroment and the teachers are very friendly and helpful. My boy enjoyed it a lot. Singing, signing and dancingare beneficiary to babies. thank you. My boy knows to sign “MILK” in his first class.”             Joanne Wong, Mother of 18 month old boy