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Notes on Bernama Live Interview



Ms. Chin Jia Ming ~ principal / co founder Ishesh Learning Solution on BERNAMA TV live interview

Here are some notes from the recent interview on BERNAMA TV, 7th december 2015 on nurturing child potential and talent.

a. Human Brain mature slower than animal after birth which explain why animal can walk right after birth. This gives human baby brain more room for development after birth. During this time the human baby  learns 150 times faster than adult human. They learn thru the process from the 5 senses and the extraordinary 6th sense!

b.  When most people distinguishes the right and left brainer, our Whole Brain Learning Program (WBL) takes advantage of the learning process combining both sides of the brain. example: playing piano mostly associated with right brain but based on research left brain were also utilized. So by shutting off the left brain and only utilizing the right does not benefit much as there are analytical and problem solving skill in the left sides which are still essential. Putting those two processes together enable one to have better and faster ability of learning.

c. What are the result of WBL :

  • Special inner sensorial circuits
  • Photographic memory
  • Computer-like calculation speed
  • Perfect pitch absorption
  • Multiple language Learning
  • Good Natured
  • Ability to solve problem

d. What are the conditions for the activation of WHOLE BRAIN learning ? Parents, you plays a very important part as follows:

  • Give your child abundance of LOVE
  • Look at your child development NOT your child shortfall
  • Look at everything as a PROCESS of learning rather than the complete form
  • Don’t be a perfectionist
  • Do not compare your child with other child
  • Do not make academic achievement as the sole priority
  • Learn to see that every child is perfect
  • Follow your child interest

e. Child will have adverse affect on the brain if they were neglected. Child brain can shrink drastically from its original size

f. Most parent thinks ” wait for my child to be older before i teach my child complex things” this is not right as the child has the ability to process at super high speed at 150X adult during their very early age. let them exposed to complex active learning at early age as they ability will diminished at age 6.

g. Brain food :

  • sacha-Itchi oil (Peruvian, south american)
  • Lecithin
  • Plant based milk (oatmilk, soy milk, pink lady etc off course after your child age 1 )

h. food to avoid

  • oily fried food
  • sweet/salty food
  • food with ingredient which is not food

Come to our center to find out how your child can activate their whole brain. Please don’t wait until after 6 years old. See your genius child in the making.

Live interview on BERNAMA TV (Astro Channel 502)/Bernama 电视独家专访直播(频道502)


There will be an exclusive interview with us on “How to Bring our your child potential and talent” live on BERNAMA TV (Astro Channel 502) on the 7th December 2015 12:00pm. For those of you who did not get to attend our talks please be sure to tune in to this channel。