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Talks- 8 ways to bring out your child potential


Every child below the age of 6 has the SUPER brain capability to receive and extract information at the very High speed, capability to learn multiple language in a very short frame of time even when they were not focusing.

This special capabilities will diminish after the age 6 if no effort is put to sustain this it. Take advantage of your child learning using proven methods before the age of 6. Please do not wait till they are older. Help to spread to everyone who has a child at this age.

come to our talks at our centre by signing up below http://childtalent.eventbrite.com

Session 1 : mandarin talks : 14/5 saturday 2:00pm
Session 2: english talks: 22/5 Sunday 2:00pm

Session 3 : mandarin talks : 28/5 saturday 2:00pm

seats are limited to 20 person only.
entrance fee RM20.00

must sign-up & pay to confirm seat


Free Trial Class



We are now open for FREE Trial Class. Please register at at http://goo.gl/forms/fV3fS53eUj