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Parenting Workshop



Ishesh Learning will be organising Parental Workshops beginning 2017 for parents who wants to do home practice with their child. The home practice which we conduct are different from other parenting workshop as this workshop aims to educate parents to conduct games for thier child to activate the whole brain so chidren can maximise thier learning

Child have the capability to learn 150 times faster than adult below the age of 6 years. Learning can only be maximised if the right method is used towards your child to learn

a. language

b. mathematic

c.utilise photograpic memory

d. problem solving skills

e. development extra sensory perception (ESP)

f. multiple inteligence

Parents involvement is important and the workshop shows what needs to be done, how to make the right materials and how parents behaviour towards the child in this process of learning.

classes is 2 hours on the weekend only. Price shall be per head

Date: 15th January 2017, 10am to 12pm

light drinks will be served.

limited to 10 seats only for January. To sign up click the link below: