What Is ILC

ILC stand for Ishesh Learning Center. 

Ishesh Learning center is founded by parent for parent who wants the best for their child in nurturing the child ability

  • emphasize parent participation with child thru the parent workshop
  • exposure in the brain related training to received and retrieve memory
  • develop high speed memorizing and calculation ability
  • develop sensor-based skill
  • develop critical thinking
  • instill fun in learning by creating fun activities
  • instill multiple languages and intelligence learning.

Classroom structure

  • once a week class
  • Classes on weekends only
  • 8 person per class
  • 1 hour per session


Learning Activities

Our activities are not limited to below :

  1. relaxation exercise – the simple exercise to calm children down before starting of every class. 
  2. memory games techniques
  3. speed reading techniques – our program encourages children to be able to read and hear at lightning speed. This program enables the child to be able to do both at the same time.
  4. hand on task using Montessori method – every child will be given the task to handle day to day activities such as holding a glass, holding an eggs and handling daily chores. The method which enables the child to be independent and capable of solving the problem on their own. when most parents find it difficult to let their child  drink from a glass because they are afraid the child might not know how to hold the glass and may drop it. we encourage them to experience it and let them learn how to solve the problem themselves when something bad happens.
  5. working with music (using body expression and sign language)
  6. working with language. 
  7. working with sign language – our sign language program is design and coordinated by a Deaf teacher who has numerous years of experience in teaching hearing children and adults. Hand Signing not only bridges the world to the deaf but is scientifically proven to improve learning and helps children to express of feeling and thoughts.
  8. syllabus (Different syllabus for different age group)
  9. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme) from certified NLP trainer
  10. Multiple intelligence according to Howard Gardner to identify children capability to learn and group them together according to their way of learning.